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Stamina® InStride® Total Body Cycle 15-0176

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The Stamina® InStride® Total Body Cycle doesn’t need a table or desk top. The pedals are supported by its sturdy steel frame, so you pedal with your feet while seated for a lower body workout, or simply switch the pedals from bottom to top and pedal with your hands for an upper body workout.  The weighted pedals stay in an easy- to-use position to effortlessly place your hands or feet to get your workout started. The hook and look straps secure tightly with a quick adjustment to help keep your feet in place.  Handlebars keep you balanced with correct body position.  Lightweight, portable, and easy to store.


Reviewer Comments

“You can exercise both your arms and legs and it’s smaller than most typical exercise machines.”    

 “Adjustments were very easy.”

“I like how it flips for both upper and lower.”

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