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Stamina Avari® E705 Programmable Magnetic Elliptical A550-705

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Elliptical trainers offer the benefit of a low-impact workout, while exercising both your upper and lower body.  With an elliptical trainer, you work your quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, chest, back, triceps, biceps and more.  To get the full benefit of the dual action workout, it is important that you distribute the resistance between your upper and lower body.  The Avari® E705 offers smooth magnetic resistance with 19 different programs to help keep you challenged in your workout: manual program, 12 preset programs, watt program, user setting program or four heart rate programs. The InTouch® Monitor will keep you motivated and on track to reaching your fitness goals. 

 Reviewer Comments

“It doesn’t take up a lot of space – the panel is easy to read and understand – easy to pedal and move arms – easy to adjust pedals.”

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