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1-Clic® Packaging System from Centor

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In recognition of its inventive packaging design for pharmaceutical vials, Centor has received an Ease-of-Use Commendation for its 1-Clic Packaging System. The name 1-Clic comes from the design of the easy-open reversible closure which provides a single audible “click”
to indicate the closure has been secured correctly – a feature that encourages consistent and proper use. The closure can be used in a child-resistant or non-child-resistant position, a feature seniors and arthritic patients value. Ask your pharmacist to fill your next prescription in a 1-Clic vial from Centor.

For more information, questions, or comments call the Centor Customer Care at 1-800-321-3391, or visit our website at www.centorrx.com

Reviewer Comments

 "good grip -- easy on and off"
"I like the click indicating that the bottle is closed."
"I like the reversible cap -- it can be child resistant without being hard to open."

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