Put Pain in Its Place


Put Pain in Its Place

How to Get Osteoarthritis Pain Under Control

Put Pain in Its Place gives you the tools to manage your Osteoarthritis (OA) pain and live better.  Developed by the experts you trust at the Arthritis Foundation in conjunction with the National Council on Aging and sponsored by Ferring Pharmaceuticals, Inc., this program will help you:

  • Understand OA, its causes and how to treat it
  • Learn self-management strategies to prevent and relieve pain
  • Get inspired to take action and get your pain under control
  • Find out about effective and safe exercises from the Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program

Lead a Class

Designed as a turn-key program, the Put Pain in Its Place leader kit contains all of the materials needed to promote and conduct the one-hour class for up to 25 participants.  In the leader kit you will find:

  • A leader guide
  • DVD presentation
  • Participant booklet, brochures and other handouts
  • Promotional flyers and templates

The leader kit is available at no charge from the Arthritis Foundation.  For more information about leading a class, contact Jeannine R. Galloway at jgalloway@arthritis.org.

Join a Class

To find out if a class is available in your area, click on “Find a Local Program” below or contact your local Arthritis Foundation office by calling 800-283-7800.


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