Move More, Feel Great!

Move More, Feel Great ImageAbout the Program

Move More, Feel Great! Life With Arthritis empowers people with both arthritis and diabetes to incorporate physical activity and healthy eating into their daily routine. Developed in partnership with the American Diabetes Association, this informative two-hour class will help people:

  • Understand the relationship between arthritis and diabetes and what that means for their health
  • Learn how to incorporate exercise and good eating habits into their everday life
  • Find out about safe, effective physical activity programs that can be done individually or in a group setting

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Move More, Feel Great! is offered as part of the American Diabetes Association's Project POWER program conducted in community centers, churches and other faith-based institutions natiowide, with a special focus on the African-American population.

If you would like to offer Move More, Feel Great! in your community or to find out if a program is being offered in your area, contact Jeannine Galloway at




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