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July/August 2014

Sleep better tonight with the July/August issue of Arthritis Today. In this issue, learn techniques to getting a few more winks of sleep through physical activity, summer-fresh recipes pack with pain-relieving nutrients, 3 exercises to help your hands.


Arthritis TodayPAST ISSUE

May/June 2014

Discover how to feel better overnight with the May/June 2014 issue of Arthritis Today. You’ll learn what to do when you hurt all over and what 5 questions to ask your doctor to become Rx savvy. Read about Brian Teacher, the winner of the 1980 Australian Open, and his story with osteoarthritis and more. 


In every issue, Arthritis Today helps you change your life for the better, whether you have a “touch” of arthritis or if arthritis affects your life to a greater degree. You’ll find practical information about:

  • How to stop knee pain
  • Ease even the worst back pain without surgery
  • Stress-reduction techniques that really work
  • Exercise that helps, not hurts
  • Blues busters that let the real you shine through

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