Dr. Grayson DuRaine

Dr. Grayson DuRaine

I’m Dr. Grayson DuRaine and I am the face of arthritis research.

As a researcher, one of the most fascinating parts of my job is getting to discover or create something new. Thanks to a two-year postdoctoral fellowship from the Arthritis Foundation, I am working to create a biological living tissue replacement for cartilage lost to injury or arthritis.

In order to be successful, the replacement tissue needs to be strong and slippery, like the original cartilage. In the future -- if my research proves successful -- instead of receiving a metal and plastic prosthesis (e.g., total knee replacement), a patient with cartilage loss could be treated with a living cartilage replacement that matches the properties of the original cartilage.

Aside from my research, I also have a personal connection to arthritis: My mom has had two knee replacements and a hip replacement because of osteoarthritis. Of course, due to the prevalence of the disease, there are few who won’t be touched by arthritis in some way.

The Arthritis Foundation plays a key role in achieving a better understanding of the seriousness of this disease, both among the general public and among vital governmental funding resources. Without the educational and fundraising efforts put forth by the Foundation, much of the critical research happening today would not exist.

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