Dr. Kun Ma

Dr. Kun MaPostdoctoral Fellow, Stanford University

My name is Kun Ma and I am the face of arthritis research.

Over 46 million Americans struggle with the pain and disabling effects of arthritis. My own grandmother suffers from age-related osteoarthritis, so the need to find effective treatments and therapies has more than the appeal of a theoretical challenge.

Thanks to a postdoctoral fellowship awarded by the Arthritis Foundation, I am currently working on research that may one day help prevent OA of the knee. My study is titled “Modulation of Cell-Scaffold Interactions for BM-MSC Fibrochondrogenesis,” – a really complex way to say “the customization of new tissue growth from bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells (BM-MSCs).” Put simply, a tissue scaffold derived from bone-marrow derived stem cells is placed on a defect in the meniscus providing support for existing tissue and, if successful, encouraging new tissue growth, thus preventing further development of OA.

The Foundation makes research like mine possible through their core strengths of elucidating the disease mechanism and developing global strategies for prevention, early detection, and treatment of the disease in its many forms.

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