Arthritis Foundation at Bio-Convention

The Arthritis Foundation’s chief mission officer, Dr. Jennifer Griffiths, was on hand at this year’s BIO International Convention, held April 22-25 in Chicago, in an effort to build strong partnerships with other patient advocate groups and showcase all that the Arthritis Foundation does to bring a voice to people living with arthritis.   The convention, hosted by the Biotechnology Industry Organization, is the largest global event for the biotechnology industry, offering key networking and partnering opportunities and providing insights and inspiration on the major trends affecting the industry.

During this year’s event, the Arthritis Foundation was invited to be part of the convention’s new patient advocacy zone, which highlighted select philanthropy organizations and patient groups and encouraged networking among those featured in this special area.   This new convention feature helped the Arthritis Foundation learn more about other patient advocacy groups and forge new relationships that could lead to partnerships with several organizations. 

 “The Arthritis Foundation has a proven track record of working with a strong network of partners that include innovative research collaborations, new communication tools and exercise and education programs, public health and public policy advancement and disease awareness, says Dr. Griffiths.   “During this year’s BIO Convention, we not only held discussions about partnerships in the areas of research and patient engagement, but also logged over 30 meetings with both new and existing partners.”

Arthritis Foundation in Buzz Center

In addition to being part of the new patient advocacy zone and participating in meetings and discussions, the Arthritis Foundation was featured in the convention’s BIO “Buzz Center” interviews.  Dr. Griffiths spoke about the mission of the Arthritis Foundation during the video presentation and highlighted the organization’s focus on patient education and advocacy.

“Our vision is a world free of arthritis pain,” says Dr. Griffiths.  “The Arthritis Foundation is the leading health organization addressing the needs of people living with arthritis in the United States, reaching millions of people a year with our outreach efforts.  By having a presence at conventions like BIO, we are able to add the voice of the patient to the dialog and help other organizations understand how important it is to educate patients as well as invest in advocacy and research to help cure chronic diseases like arthritis.”

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