Osteoarthritis-Specific Articles

Research Update Dec 2008 - Millions of Quality Years Lost to Knee Osteoarthritis

Research Update Dec 2008 - Flat Feet and Knee Pain

Research Update Dec 2008 - Pain and Psychosocial Health

Research Update Nov 2008 - Should Torn Cartilage Be Removed?

Research Update Nov 2008 - Knee Osteoarthritis Worse in Obese

Research Update Sept/Oct 2008 - Making a Better Joint Replacement

Research Update Sept/Oct 2008 - Herbal Extract Safe and Effective for OA

Research Update July/Aug 2008 - OA 15 Years After ACL Tear

Research Alert June 2008 - Hip Replacement Improves Function at Any Age

Research Alert June 2008 - Surgical Frame Promotes Repair in Severe Knee OA

Research Alert June 2008 - Patients Must Relearn Sit-Stand Movement After Knee Replacement

Research Alert May 2008 - Overweight Men at Risk for Hip and Knee OA

Research Update May-June 2008 - Meniscus Repair After Injury

Research Alert January 2008 - Arthritic Knees Remain Painful After Arthroscopic Surgery

Research Alert January 2008 - Study Connects Genetic Basis of Height and Arthritis

Research Alert January 2008 - Women Should Not Postpone Knee-Replacement Surgery

November-December/2007 - Bone Marrow Lesions and Knee Pain

November-December/2007 - Engineering Cartilage for the Jaw Joint

November-December/2007 - Chondroitin Sulfate and Hyaluronic Acid Size as Indicators of Joint Disease

September-October/2007 - Mobility, Disability and Attitudes Toward Exercise

September-October/2007 - Lipoxins Reduce Chronic Pain

September 2007 Research Alert - Tendon Regeneration a Possibility

July-August/2007 - Knee Ligament Abnormalities in OA

July-August/2007 - Psychological Treatment for Pain

July 2007 Research Alert - New Joint Material Put to First Clinical Use

May-June/2007 - Are Doctors Advising Their Overweight Patients to Lose Weight?

May-June/2007 - Creating a More Natural Engineered Cartilage

May-June/2007 - Taking OA Imaging to the Next Level

May-June/2007 - NSAIDs Prevent Proper Fracture Healing

April 2007 Research Alert - Aquatic Exercise and Tai Chi Effective Therapy for Osteoarthritis

January 2007 Research Alert - Effect of Physical Activity on the Development of Knee Osteoarthritis

January 2007 Research Alert - Imaging Technique May Help With Understanding and Treating Osteoarthritis

September-October/2006 - Gene Involved in Bone Mineral Density and Osteoarthritis

August 2006 Research Alert - Joint Space Narrowing: Cartilage Loss or Meniscus Position?

August 2006 Research Alert -  Biological Age and Osteoarthritis

July-August/2006 - Bone Marrow Lesions and Cartilage Loss

July-August/2006 - Predicting Adverse Events After Total Knee Replacement

July-August/2006 - Low Vitamin K Status Associated with Osteoarthritis

July-August/2006 - Quality of Osteoarthritis Care for Community-Dwelling Older Adults

March-April/2006 - Prescription Opioid Use for Older Adults with Arthritis or Low Back Pain




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