Lupus-Specific Articles

Research Update Nov 2008 - Lupus Increases Heart Disease Risk

Research Update Sept/Oct 2008 - Poverty and Lupus

Research Update July/Aug 2008 - Lupus Nephritis Warning Signs

Research Alert June 2008 - TRAF1/C5 Gene Associated With Autoimmune Diseases

Research Alert June 2008 - Fertility Preserved in Women With Severe Lupus

Research Alert June 2008 - Lupus More Severe with Southern European Ancestry

Research Alert May 2008 - “Editing” of Gene Messages May Cause Lupus

Research Update May-June 2008 - Differences Between Pediatric and Adult Lupus

Research Alert January 2008 - Genes Linked with Lupus Revealed

November-December/2007 - B Cell Depletion in Lupus

November-December/2007 - ADAMTS Proteases and Their Roles in Joint Tissues

September-October/2007 - Mobility, Disability and Attitudes Toward Exercise

September-October/2007 - Lipoxins Reduce Chronic Pain

September-October/2007 - Reproduction, Menopause and Lupus

September-October/2007 - Psychological Treatment for Pain

September-October/2007 - Genetic Variant Linked to Lupus

August 2007 Research Alert - Research Links Genetic Mutation to Lupus

August 2007 Research Alert -  New Strategy for Treating Autoimmunity

May-June/2007 - Work Disability Among People With Lupus

March-April/2007 - Treatment for Lupus Skin Lesions

March-April/2007 - Toll-like Receptors in Autoimmune Disease

March-April/2007 - Toll-like Receptors Discriminate Self from Non-self

January 2007 Research Alert - Turning Off Genes to Prevent Autoimmunity

December 2006 Research Alert - Researchers Identify Biomarkers for Lupus-Related Kidney Disease

July 2006 Research Alert - Mortality in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

March-April/2006 - Cigarette Smoking and Systemic Lupus Erythematosus: A Smoking Gun?

March-April/2006 - Platelet C4d Is Highly Specific for Systemic Lupus Erythematosus


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