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Arthritis Wonder Drugs Provide Clues for All Diseases (July 2008)

Discovery May Lead to Novel Anti-inflammatory Therapy (July 2008)

AF-Funded Researcher Discovers Scleroderma Gene Signatures (July 2008)

Regular Walking Nearly Halves Disability Risk (July 2008)

Turning on Hormones to Fight Osteoporosis (July 2008)

Combination Treatment for RA Induces Remission (July 2008)

Hip Replacement Improves Function at Any Age (June 2008)

RA Patients Have Double the Risk of Cardiovascular Events (June 2008)

RA and CV Factors Equal in Risk of Cardiovascular Events (June 2008)

IL2RA Gene Mutations Associated With Juvenile Arthritis (June 2008)

TRAF1/C5 Gene Associated With Autoimmune Diseases (June 2008)

Managing Cardiovascular Risk Essential in People With RA (June 2008)

Tocilizumab Plus Methotrexate Brings Remission for Some (June 2008)

Surgical Frame Promotes Repair in Severe Knee OA (June 2008)

Oily Fish Protects Against RA, but Smoking and Stress Increase Risk (June 2008)

Abatacept and Infliximab Improve Response Over Time in RA (June 2008)

Patients Must Relearn Sit-Stand Movement After Knee Replacement (June 2008)

Hand BMD Predicts Mortality in RA (June 2008)

Prevalence of Hip Fracture Hospitalizations Declines (June 2008)

Adalimumab Effective for AS, RA and PsA  (June 2008)

Self-management Program Beneficial for Arthritis (June 2008)

Fertility Preserved in Women With Severe Lupus (June 2008)

Pomegranate as an Anti-inflammatory (June 2008)

Half of Early RA Patients Symptom-free Within 36 Weeks (June 2008)

Lupus More Severe with Southern European Ancestry (June 2008)

Periodontal Disease Prevalent in Rheumatoid Arthritis (June 2008)

Golimumab Effective When Other Biologics Failed (June 2008)

Golimumab Improves Rheumatoid Arthritis (June 2008)

Targeted Inactivation of Genes in Animal Model  (May 2008)

Overweight Men at Risk for Hip and Knee OA (May 2008)

“Editing” of Gene Messages May Cause Lupus (May 2008)

Breastfeeding May Cut Risk of RA (May 2008)

Strong Gel for Artificial Cartilage (March 2008)

Arthritis Medications Reduce the Risk of Heart Attack and Stroke (March 2008)

Hormone Replacement Therapy Has No Effect on RA (March 2008)

Biologics and DMARDs Safe for Heart (March 2008)

New Test for Joint Infection (March 2008)

Likely Target of Next-Generation Arthritis Treatments (March 2008)

A Regular Dip Could Benefit Those with Fibromyalgia  (February 2008)

Depression in People with RA (February 2008)

Fatty Acids for Dry Eyes (February 2008)

RA Sends Many Into Early Retirement (February 2008)

Arthritic Knees Remain Painful After Arthroscopic Surgery (January 2008)

Celecoxib May Disrupt Heart Rhythm (January 2008)

A New View of TNF Inhibitors (January 2008)

Genes Linked with Lupus Revealed (January 2008)

Modified-Release Prednisone for Rheumatoid Arthritis (January 2008)

Targeting Chronic Pain (January 2008)

Popular Osteoporosis Drugs Triple Risk of Bone Necrosis (January 2008)

New Way to Block Rush of Immune Cells (January 2008)

Study Connects Genetic Basis of Height and Arthritis (January 2008)

Women Should Not Postpone Knee-Replacement Surgery (January 2008)

Osteoporosis Meds Reduce Risk of Jaw Degradation (January 2008)

Protein's New Role in Autoimmune Disease (January 2008)



Can Smurfs Predict Who Will Get Arthritis? (October 2007)

Studies Highlight the Risks and Health-Care Costs of NSAID Injury (October 2007)

Tendon Regeneration a Possibility (September 2007)

The Genetics Behind Rheumatoid Arthritis (September 2007)

Biologics and Cancer Risk: Is There a Relationship? (August 2007)

Calcium Supplements Reduce Risk of Bone Fracture (August 2007)

Broccoli - Immune System Booster? (August 2007)

Loneliness is Bad for Your Health (August 2007)

Mobility, Disability and Attitudes Toward Exercise (August 2007)

Race Plays a Role in Disability (August 2007)

Research Links Genetic Mutation to Lupus (August 2007)

New Strategy for Treating Autoimmunity (August 2007)

New Joint Material Put to First Clinical Use (July 2007)

Arthritis Burden Greater for Women (June 2007)

Largest Ever Study of Genetics of Common Disease (June 2007)

Coffee May Lower Gout Risk (May 2007)

Exercise Reverses Aging in Muscles (May 2007)

New Guideline for Treating Lyme Disease (May 2007)

Healthy Body Weight Helps Delay Disability (May 2007)

Probiotic Bacteria Shows Anti-inflammatory Properties (May 2007)

Even a Little Physical Activity Can Help (May 2007)

Aquatic Exercise and Tai Chi Effective Therapy for Osteoarthritis (April 2007)

Cheaper, Better Disease Treatments Expected (April 2007)

Work Disability Among Women with RA (April 2007)

Disabled Hit Roadblocks in Healthcare (April 2007)

Pain Control After Surgery Reduces Length of Hospital Stay (April 2007)

Shoulder Replacement Just as Safe as Knee Replacement (April 2007)

Rheumatoid Arthritis and Heart Disease (March 2007)

An Experimental Type of Knee Surgery: Autologous Chondrocyte Implementation (February 2007)

Cancer Survival in People with RA (February 2007)

Common Pain Relievers Associated with High Blood Pressure (February 2007)

A New Treatment Possibility for RA (January 2007)

Effect of Physical Activity on the Development of Knee Osteoarthritis (January 2007)

Imaging Technique May Help With Understanding and Treating Osteoarthritis (January 2007)

Turning Off Genes to Prevent Autoimmunity (January 2007)

Top 10 Research Advances of 2006 (January 2007)



Nobel-Prize Winning Research and Its Link to Arthritis (December 2006)

Researchers Identify Biomarkers for Lupus-Related Kidney Disease (December 2006)

Imatinib as Treatment for Experimental Arthritis (September 2006)

Rheumatoid Arthritis May Be Prevented with Early Treatment (August 2006)

Joint Space Narrowing: Cartilage Loss or Meniscus Position? (August 2006)

Biological Age and Osteoarthritis (August 2006)

Mortality in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (July 2006)

Fetal DNA and Remission in Pregnant Women with RA (July 2006)

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