Prioritization of Osteoarthritis Research: Next steps


Opening Session:  Welcome and Charge

4:00 PM Ann Palmer, CEO Arthritis Foundation:  Welcome

4:15 PM Amanda Niskar, National Scientific Director:  Charge

4:30 PM Persons with ACL Injuries   

Session I:  Understanding the Challenges for Preventing Osteoarthritis After a Joint Injury:  Moderator:  Rowland Chang   

4:50 PM Joanne Jordan:  Overview of post-traumatic osteoarthritis:  Mechanisms, natural history and    

                                            societal impact   

5:15 PM Stefan Lohmander:  ACL injury as a model of post-traumatic OA: The natural history of an ACL

                                                injury and its potential for therapeutic intervention   

5:35 PM Scott Rodeo:  Therapeutic challenges and unmet needs for prevention and treatment of

                                        post-traumatic OA

6:00 PM Discussion 

  • What proportion of knee OA does the ACL injury model pertain to?
  • Are there other factors (genetic, sociodemographic, anthropometric, etc.) that affect the relationship

      between ACL injury and knee OA?  

6:30 - 7:00 PM Reception

7:00 PM Dinner


Session II:  How Pathophysiology of Osteoarthritis Can Inform Treatment Discovery:  Moderators:  Martin Lotz, Robin Poole and Linda Sandell   

8:30 AM Richard Loeser:  OA as a “whole joint disorder”   

8:45 AM Mary Goldring:  Cartilage   

9:00 AM Carla Scanzello:  Synovium   

9:15 AM Steve Goldring:  Peri-articular bone   

9:30 AM Discussion:   

  •     What are the immediate prospects for pharmacologic intervention?
  •     Are there specific or unique therapies for post-traumatic OA and the other forms of OA?
  •     What are the barriers to drug development and implementation?    

10:00 AM Coffee Break

Session III:  Surgical and Non-surgical Treatment Options for ACL Injury:  Moderators:  Jo Hannafin and Roy Aaron   

10:30 AM Bruce Beynnon:  Function of the ACL in knee kinematics   

10:45 AM Brian Cole:  Surgical approaches to patients with ACL and meniscal injury and return to play   

11:00 AM Kurt Spindler:  Determinants of surgical outcomes in ACL repairs   

11:15 AM Lynn Snyder-Mackler:  Non-surgical treatments for ACL injuries   

11:30 AM Discussion:   

  •     What are our gaps in knowledge regarding surgical and non-surgical treatment of ACL injuries?
  •     What are the opportunities for OA prevention strategies?      

 12:00 PM Lunch 

Session IV:  Evaluating Osteoarthritis Progression Following ACL Injury:   Moderators:  David Felson and Xiaojuan Li   

1:30 PM Garry Gold:  New radiologic techniques for assessing joint tissues   

1:45 PM Hollis Potter:  Imaging the evolution of OA following joint injury   

2:00 PM Virginia Kraus:  Biochemical biomarkers for assessing the joint   

2:15 PM John Cavanaugh:  Kinematic assessment of the joint and post-op rehabilitation   

2:30 PM Discussion:  

  •     What biomarkers are ready for validation as predictors and outcome measures in OA clinical trials?
  •     Can imaging and biological markers be successfully utilized to assess the effects of

          treatment interventions?

  •     What are the challenges/barriers for the application of the markers for assessing the efficacy of

          treatment interventions?      

 3:00 PM Break  

Session V:  Assessing Outcomes in ACL Intervention Studies:   Moderators:  Joel Block and Cy Frank   

4:00 PM Stephen Lyman:  Registries:  challenges and opportunities for acquiring, accessing and

                                             applying outcomes data   

4:15 PM Steve Svoboda:  Lessons from the USMA Cohort   

4:30 PM George Dodge:  In vitro models      

4:45 PM Panel Discussion 

  • How can we design studies to assess the efficacy of therapeutic interventions; are animal studies informative?
  • How do we translate ACL injury research into prevention and treatments for people with other forms of joint injury,  e.g. shoulder, hip, etc.?
  • What are the implications of ACL studies for people with other forms of osteoarthritis?
  • How well do the animal models translate to humans?          

5:30 PM Conclude for the day – dinner on your own   

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 26, 2014   

Session VI:  Lessons Learned from ACL Studies:  Moderators:  Freddie Fu and Martha Murray   

8:30 AM Sharmila Majumdar:  A model for the progression of joint disease following ACL injury   

8:45 AM Discussion   

9:00 AM Christian Lattermann:  Biomarker study after corticosteroid injection into the knee after ACL


9:15 AM Discussion   

9:30 AM Scott Rodeo:  The ACL Feasibility Trial   

9:45 AM Discussion   

10:00 – 10:30 AM Break   

Session VII:  Considerations for the Design of an ACL Intervention Study:  Moderators:  John Hardin and Gayle Lester   

10:30 AM Lee Simon:  Pre-competitive Consortium for OA; new outcome measures for OA   

10:45 AM Discussion   

11:00 AM Jeff Katz and *Elena Losina:  Study Design   

11:20 AM Discussion   

11:30 AM Industry panel:  Horizons for OA Drug Development   

      Panelist: Rocky Tuan, Chair: *Peter Mitchell and *Chandrasekhar Srinivasan (Eli Lilly);

                    *Gloria Matthews (Genzyme-Sanofi); *Susanne Wang (AbbVie)   


  •     What are challenges in evaluating efficacy of therapeutic agents and approaches?
  •     What experimental approaches and models (in vitro, animal models, humans, computer

          simulations) can be used to establish efficacy?

  •     What are the regulatory barriers and how can they be overcome?   
12:30 PM Closing Session   

12:30 PM Amanda Niskar, National Scientific Director Arthritis Foundation:  Next Steps   

12:40 PM Ann Palmer, CEO:  Concluding Remarks   

12:45 PM Adjourn   

*Subject to change.   

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