The Role of Joint Mechanics and Biology in Osteoarthritis: Pathogenesis and Implications for New Interventions

Friday October 26

2:00 PM: Poster Session
4:00 PM: Welcome and Introduction to SNOW V Chair: John Hardin, MD
The Arthritis Foundation’s Strategic Plan for OA Jennifer Griffiths, PhD
National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases OA Research Gayle Lester, PhD
The OA Alliance – A Patient-Based Perspective Dave Mekemson
Robin Katzanek, PT, PhD
Patrick Boyle, PT, DPT
The Food and Drug Administration Perspective Janet Woodcock, MD
6:00 PM: Reception & Poster Session
7:00 PM: Dinner

Saturday October 27

7:30 AM: Continental Breakfast
8:30 AM: Session I: The Joint as an Organ Chair: Robin Poole, PhD, DSc
How the Joint is Designed -- an Anthropological Perspective Bruce Latimer, PhD


  • Adaptations in Periarticular Bone
  • Synovium
  • Cartilage

Steve Goldring, MD
Carla Scanzello, MD, PhD
Linda Sandell, PhD
10:15 AM: Break
10:30 AM: Session II: Assessing the Functional Capacity and Disease Risk of the Joint Chair: Joel Block, MD
Functional and Structural Assessment of the Joint Tom Andriacchi, PhD
Felix Eckstein, MD
Richard Souza, PhD
The OARSI Biomarker Consortium initiative Michael Nevitt, PhD, MPH
12:00 PM: Lunch
1:00 PM: Session II Continues Chair: Michael Nevitt, PhD, MPH
New MRI Technologies: Prospects for Application in Multicenter Clinical Trials Garry Gold, MD
Biochemical Measures Dick Heinegard, MD, PhDH
2:30 PM: Break
2:45 PM: Session III: Disease Mechanisms That Impact the Joint Chair: Mary Goldring, PhD
Trauma Jody Buckwalter, MD
Obesity Steve Messier, PhD
Pathomorphology and Pathomechanics Shane Nho, MD
Age Richard Loeser , MD
4:00 PM: Break
4:15 PM: Session IV: Scientific Discoveries Supporting the Joint as an Organ Chair: Linda Sandell, PhD
Autophagy Chris Weihl, MD, PhD
Martin Lotz, MD
Oxidative Stress and Tissue Injury Laura Santambrogio, MD, PhD
5:15 PM: Conclude for the Day John Hardin, MD

Sunday October 28, 2012

7:30 AM: Continental Breakfast
8:30 AM: Session V: The Path to an Intervention Chair: Peter Mitchell, PhD
The Potential of Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine Rocky Tuan, PhD
Stem Cells, Obesity and Biomechanics Farshid Guilak, PhD
Potential for Pharmacologic Intervention Steve Abramson, MD
10:00 AM : Break
10:15 AM: Session VI: Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury as an OA Model
Overview of Clinical Trials of ACL Injuries Elena Losina, PhD
Jeffrey Katz, MD
Orthopedic Perspective on ACL Injuries Brian Cole, MD, MBA
The ACL Pilot Study Christian Lattermann, MD
The ACL Intervention Initiative Marc Hochberg, MD
Linda Sandell, PhD
12:00 PM: Conclusion John Hardin, MD

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