Arthritis Foundation Diversity Resources

         The Arthritis Foundation has programs and resources available to engage diverse populations. 

Move More! Feel Great! In collaboration with the American Diabetes Association

Move More! Feel Great! is an educational program targeting the African American community through the “Live Empowered” series and Senior Day events from the American Diabetes Association.  The goal of this program is to educate the community about using physical activity as a way to control and prevent both arthritis and diabetes.  While arthritis and diabetes are two distinct and separate diseases, they cross paths more than you’d expect.  This program is co-presented by the American Diabetes Association and the Arthritis Foundation.  For more information contact Jeannine Galloway at  

Camine Con Gusto: Walk with Ease, Spanish Edition

The updated third edition of the popular walking guide book includes a new customized walk for fitness routine, stretching exercises and heart rate monitoring techniques. This book is useful for anyone with arthritis to help improve their general fitness.

Spanish-language website 

The Spanish-language website continues to grow in content and visitors.  

Spanish-language Frequently Asked Questions (Preguntas Frecuentes )

Read answers to common questions about arthritis, if unable to find what you need in this or other sections of the site, write us at or call us at 1-800-283-7800.  

Diversity Handbook 

Diversity Handbook A diversity handbook was created for Arthritis Foundation staff and volunteers as a resource  to increase diversity internally and externally.  The handbook offers a wealth of resources bringing the AF one step closer to lessening the burden of arthritis within diverse populations.  The purpose of the Diversity Resource Handbook is to increase awareness of culturally diverse populations and provide a breakdown of diverse populations in each of the AF regions. To download The Diversity Resource Handbook click here

Brochures and Publications 

The Arthritis Foundation has brochures and publications targeted to diverse populations that will provide information about arthritis and related diseases.  The brochures and publications can be found online at the Arthritis Foundation Store.




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