Physical Activity Implementation Guide
Boosting physical activity among adults with arthritis

Mass Media and Communications

Strategies and Tools

Strategy 1

Promote the benefits of physical activity and evidence-based interventions for adults with arthritis through available media and public outlets.

Simple messages can help reassure all adults, including those with arthritis, that physical activity does not have to be rigorous and exhausting to be effective. Engaging in some activity every day, even for just 10 minutes at a time, can make a significant difference. No matter how long, doing some physical activity is better than none at all.


Strategy 2

Base physical activity messages on arthritis-specific consumer research findings.

Physical Activity. The Arthritis Pain Reliever is a health communications campaign designed to promote physical activity among Caucasian and African American people who are 45 to 65 years old and have arthritis. Campaign materials include radio spots, billboards, bus shelter placards, brochures, and print ads flyers, bookmarks, and billstuffers.


Strategy 3

Use targeted messages to connect adults with arthritis to evidence-based physical activity interventions.

Sharing information about available resources in the community can connect adults with convenient walking programs and other recommended activities. In addition, media messages to the public should include links to health care resources in the area.


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