The Value of Partnerships

The success of environmental and policy strategies depends on their adoption and integration into the fabric of our communities, workplaces, cultures, and routines. Partnerships are essential for making physical activity more convenient and accessible for adults with arthritis. Working within and across multiple sectors increases the likelihood that physical activity strategies are embedded and can be sustained and expanded over time.

Regardless of the sector in which you work, having a variety of partners can broaden your impact. Partnerships will expand the public health action framework for arthritis and change physical and social environments to support physical activity among adults with arthritis, in much the same way that such strategies have proven effective for other public health issues.  Partnerships may also lead to sustained improvements in overall health status among adults with arthritis and those who have chronic conditions other than arthritis.

Selecting the ideal partners takes time and effort. Thoughtful consideration goes into:

  • Identifying key characteristics of ideal partners
  • Researching potential partners and assessing their collaboration potential
  • Determining how potential partners can contribute to and benefit from collaboration
  • Contacting potential partners and negotiating joint ventures.
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