About the Guide

How to Use the Guide

To get the most out of this Guide, it is suggested that you start by reviewing the first two sections that contain information pertinent to all sectors:

Background and Purpose provides background information on the origin of the recommended environmental and policy strategies, the value of physical activity for adults with arthritis, barriers that make it difficult to engage in recommended levels of activity, and evidence based interventions.

Partnerships explores the process of identifying potential agencies and organizations for collaboration, and working together toward mutual outcomes.

Then visit Sectors for Action for specific information pertinent to your sector on:

  • Making the case.  Here you will find additional information on the specific benefits of physical activity among adults with arthritis pertinent to your sector. Such information can both reinforce your convictions and help you to persuade others of the value of your efforts.
  • What can you do?  Arthritis Foundation Chapters, states, sector partners, and communities vary in their needs and resources. This Guide takes those variations into account by providing a menu of strategies from which to choose.  Here you will find that menu and some general tips for selecting among them and planning a successful approach.
  • Strategies and tools. Here lies the heart of the guide: detail about each of the recommended strategies, along with rationale and helpful resources, tools and samples for implementing them.  Much work is underway throughout the nation to increase physical activity among all adults, only some of which is targeted to adults with arthritis.  The Guide recognizes and builds on these ongoing efforts by linking you to them—rather than duplicating them here. Thus, the Guide is interactive and flexible, allowing you to explore the work of others as you consider plans for your own.

Additional resources.  For those who want to explore more, this section contains additional publications and web links to pursue.

It is possible that your organization may fall into more than one sector; if so, the menu of optional strategies available to you will be even greater.

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