Joints in Motion

Run or Walk

Joints in Motion - RunnersThe Joints in Motion Training Team has set the standards for a nationwide network of coaches who will tailor a personalized program just for you at your fitness level. With our unique 18 to 20-week training program and the support of other team members, you'll be ready to complete the distance and experience the journey of a lifetime.

Run a Marathon or Half Marathon

The Joints in Motion Training Team will prepare you to go the 13.1 or 26.2-mile distance! Our professional coaches can guide you through an 18 to 20-week training program, which will prepare you for the marathon distance. The majority of our Joints in Motion participants have never ran a marathon, and many have never completed any type of race before, but all have the dream of crossing the finish line. Our experienced coaching staff will assess your current fitness level and provide you with a daily training schedule to get you go the distance.

Walk a Marathon or Half Marathon

Become part of the latest fitness trend and walk a marathon or half marathon! Joints in Motion is a leader in the field of marathon or half marathon walking. When you join our team, our coaches will teach you the techniques and strategies you need to be successful. You will get in shape to go the distance and learn how to pace yourself to a strong finish. In years gone by, our coaches trained more than 50 percent of our team to walk a marathon or half marathon. We can help you walk yours, too!

Our Coaches

Joints in Motion coaches are some of the best coaches in the world! Their knowledge and expertise have guided thousands of walkers and runners to the finish line and they are there to help you, too! Your coach is there to guide you through each week of training and help you determine what distances you should be covering during your marathon preparation. Your coach will also motivate you when you think the challenges of training are too much. Training for a marathon or half marathon is hard work, but your coach, your teammates and the Arthritis Foundation are there to support you.

The Joints in Motion Training Team's primary goal is to keep each and every participant healthy, safe and well during the training program.

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