Fundraise to Cure Arthritis!
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Everyone loves a good story.

Stories paint pictures and evoke powerful emotions. Stories can inspire.

Many of your friends and co-workers will donate to your fundraising efforts simply because you've asked them to. But tell them why you're fundraising, and you're likely to get bigger donations and more of them.

Tell people about how arthritis has affected you, your friends, your family members or other inspiring figures in your life. Explain how important it is to overcome the challenges of arthritis. And how you wish you could do more to support beneficial research and programs.

Discuss some of the recent breakthroughs in arthritis research. And how even small donations can help us move even closer to curing the number one cause of disability in America.

Ask if there are people in their life who're dealing with similar challenges. Perhaps they can relate to your drive and dedication -- your decision to help the 50 million people who are affected by arthritis pain. Maybe even yourself.

Chances are they can. And they'll want to help, too.

For more fundraising ideas, visit the Jingle Bell Run/Walk site.

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