More on Patti O'Keefe

It is because of Patti's strength and determination in the face of adversity that the Arthritis Foundation is proud to announce that Patti O'Keefe is the 2012 Bone Bash Honoree.  Join Patti on October 13th for a bone-chilling, fun event that also raises funds to support arthritis porgrams in the Cedar Rapids area.

 In Her Own Words:

"I was diagnosed wtih rheumatoid arthritis in 1999, after waking up one morning unable to bend my fingers.  What a shock that was - go to bed fine and the next morning I can barely use my fingers.  Not a good thing for someone who types for a living!  Thanks for Dr. Eyanson for knowing which medicine would help me the most.  I'm even crocheting again!

I became a member of the Arthritis Foundation in 2003, and have worked as a volunteer since 2004, starting with our very first Arthritis Walk Committee.  It has been fun watching the walk grow each year, but heartbreaking to see kids who are affected by arthritis.  Thank you to our sponsors and supporters; we will find a cure!

A tremendously big thanks to my family for all your help though the years, and for understanding why I sometimes hand off things to someone else to open.  Thanks also to Shuttleworth and Ingersoll, my understanding employer and a sponsor for each of our walks.  Life would be much harder without your support!"

For more information on the Cedar Rapids Bone Bash, call (319) 363-4403 or email


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