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Online Fundraising Chair

This section includes all of the Online Fundraising Chair training documents and sample materials for managing your online fundraising web site. Should you need assistance with downloading documents, or want more information, please contact your staff partner.

Downloadable Tools

Getting Started

Online Fundraising Chair Job Description
Online Fundraising Timeline

Sample Materials

Online Fundraising Help Guide - Great West Region
How to Register Online
How to Use Online Fundraising - For Participants
Online Fundraising Challenges - For Online Fundraising Chair

Sample E-mail Campaigns

NEW!! 2012 E-mail Campaigns
Team Captain # 1
Team Captain # 2
My Doc Rocks # 1
Thanksgiving E-mail Campaign
Post-Event Fundraising # 1
Post-Event Fundraising # 2

Enhancing your Site

Adding a Slideshow to your Home Page

Massage Envy
Nebo Content Management System Tracking