Walk to Cure Arthritis


This section includes all of the AOII training documents and sample materials for managing your AOII Chapter's involvement in your local Arthritis Walk. Should you need assistance with downloading documents, or want more information, please contact your staff partner.

Downloadable Tools

Getting Started

AOII and the Arthritis Foundation
Involving AOII at Your Arthritis Walk
AOII Online Registration Instructions
2013 AOII Arthritis Walk Incentives
AOII Volunteer Request Form

AOII National Arthritis Walk Subcommittee

Join your fellow AOII sisters at your local Arthritis Walk!

We are looking for members (collegiate or alumnae) to join the National Arthritis Walk Volunteer Committee! You'll be helping us build an army to activate AOII across the country in the fight against arthritis! Fill out the information below and we'll be in touch shortly!

If you'd like to speak with us directly, e-mail Stephanie Mete (smete85@hotmail.com)  or Kristina Hurst (khurstaoii@gmail.com).

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