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Committee Corner & Committee Training Materials

Walk to Cure Arthritis Committee Corner:

We are pleased to present our Walk to Cure Arthritis Committee Training online for the Walk to Cure Arthritis campaign! Walk in a Box is now housed by committee section online.  Below are listed the various volunteer chair positions within our committees. Simply click on the role that you have undertaken to access all of the documents, resources, and samples to help you put on your best Walk to Cure Arthritis!

If you have any samples you would like to share, please contact Ashley Krieg at the National Office at akrieg@arthritis.org. Check back often as we plan to update and upload documents on a regular basis.



Walk to Cure Arthritis National Volunteer Committee

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Chair, Kelli Schandel - danjkellij@q.com
Immediate Past Chair, Julie Butscher - juliebutscher@gmail.com
National Logistics Chair, Colleen Ryan - cryan2@csulb.edu
Team Development Co-Chair, Danielle Pleas - daniellevanover@gmail.com
Team Development Co- Chair, Melanie Collins - drmelaniecollins@gmail.com

Mission Delivery/Advocacy Chair, Amy Barron- ambarro@fuse.net
Social Media Chair, Kelby Peachey - kelbypeachey@gmail.com
Public Relations Chair, Jaime Lyn Moy - jaimelynmoy@gmail.com
AOII Representatives - vacant

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