Most likely you or someone close to you is one of the nearly 50 million Americans who have doctor diagnosed arthritis. Our offices offer various programs and services to help people with arthritis cope with their disease. Some of the things we offer include:

Exercise Programs

The Arthritis Foundation has developed a number of exercise programs to help ease the pain caused by arthritis.  These programs include Land Exercise Classes, Aquatics Classes, Tai Chi, Self Help Programs and Walk With Ease. 
Click here to learn more about each of these programs, or click here to view a list of programs offered througout the state.


Physician Directory

The Arthritis Foundation - Oklahoma offices have developed relationships with local rheumatologists and have compiled their contact information into an easy to navigate list.  Click here to browse the Oklahoma Physician Directory to find the doctor nearest you. 


Educational Programs and Support Groups

We offer a number of educational programs, forums and support groups throughout the state of Oklahoma each year.  These programs and groups are free to attend and offer opportunities to speak with local rheumatologists, learn more about the disease and research updates, or to make contact with other individuals living with arthritis.  To find out more about the programs and support groups being offered in your area, contact either of our Oklahoma Offices: 

Eastern Oklahoma office (Tulsa and surrounding areas):
7170 S. Braden, Suite 170
Tulsa, OK 74136
Phone: 918.495.3553

Oklahoma City office (Oklahoma City and surrounding areas):
710 W. Wilshire Creek Blvd., Suite 101
Oklahoma City, OK 73116
Phone: 405.936-3366


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