An Ancient Practice that is Proven to Reduce Arthritis Pain

Tai Chi is an ancient practice proven to reduce pain and improve your mental and physical well-being. The Arthritis Foundation Tai Chi Program, developed by Dr. Paul Lam, uses gentle Sun-style tai chi routines that are safe, easy to learn and suitable for every fitness level.  
In the past, doctors recommended that people limit the use of joints affected by osteoarthritis (OA). Back then, unfortunately, no one knew this was bad advice.
Research now clearly shows that prolonged rest and inactivity actually make OA worse by contributing to joint stiffness and muscle weakness, whereas regular physical activity and exercise ease OA symptoms and keep joints mobile.

Benefits of Tai Chi:

  • Reduces stress
  • Increases balance and flexibility
  • Improves your overall mind, body and spirit
  • Medically shown to relieve pain, reduce fall and improve quality of life

Experience Tai Chi

There are two ways you can experience Tai Chi:
Tai Chi ClassClick here to find a tai chi class in your area.  One hour classes led by a certified instructor, each session includes:

  • Warm-up and cool-down exercises
  • Six basic core movements and six advanced extension movements
  • Direction changes to add challenge.

Tai Chi for Arthritis DVD- You can follow step-by-step instructions from the comfort of your home.  This two-disc DVD features Dr. Paul Lam, practicing physician and Tai Chi master for more than 30 years.  To order visit or call 800-283-7800. 

Dan Jones Talks About His Experience as an Arthritis Foundation Tai Chi Instructor

Click the slideshow above to see photos from a recent Arthritis Foundation Tai Chi Instructor Training.

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