Central & Northwestern Ohio Staff

Rochelle Bailey Community Development Manager rbailey@arthritis.org
Susan Davis Division Vice President sdavis@arthritis.org
Chris Parsons Director Community Outreach cparsons@arthritis.org
Stephanie Perry Community Development Manager sperry@arthritis.org
Kelly Sarli Customer Relations Associate ksarli@arthritis.org 

Region Staff Based in Central & Northwestern Ohio

Jennifer Robinson Region Director Human Resources & Operations jrobinson@arthritis.org


Northeastern Ohio Staff

Mary Bird Program Manager mbird@arthritis.org
Maribeth Doran Curry Program Director mcurry@arthritis.org
Alicia Hansen Community Development Manager ahansen@arthritis.org
Marilyn Judd Office Manager mjudd@arthritis.org
Leslie Noss Program Manager lnoss@arthritis.org
Darby Bentoff Schwartz Division Vice President dschwartz@arthritis.org
Mary Schwarz Program Manager mschwarz@arthritis.org
Connie Sievers Grant Manager csievers@arthritis.org
Sylvie Tomsic Office Manager stomsic@arthritis.org
Lynette Trentini Director of Development ltrentini@arthritis.org

Region Staff Based in Northeastern Ohio

Kelly Donahue Communications Director kdonahue@arthritis.org
Mary Kudasick Chief Development Officer mkudasic@arthritis.org
Lana Rabinovich Region Manager Accounts Payable lrabinov@arthritis.org
Christopher Smith Chief Executive Officer, Great Lakes Region csmith@arthritis.org


Southern Ohio Staff

Lindsay Albrinck Lee Development Director lalbrincklee@arthritis.org
Judy Berrens Office Manager jberrens@arthritis.org
Kelly Case Program Manager kcase@arthritis.org
Sandy Haas Individual & Major Gifts Director shaas@arthritis.org
Barb Precht Community Development Director bprecht@arthritis.org
Sylvia Richard Division Vice President srichard@arthritis.org
MaryAnn St. John Program Manager mstjohn@arthritis.org
Pamela Tierney Community Development Manager ptierney@arthritis.org

Region Staff Based in Southern Ohio

Pam Fields Region Director, Community Outreach & Advocacy, Program Director pfields@arthritis.org
Rosemarie Morris Vice President of Finance rmorris@arthritis.org
Barbara Perez Chief Mission Officer bperez@arthritis.org
Marla Wagner Accounting Manager mwagner@arthritis.org
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