Great Lakes Region Board of Directors

Peter W.C. Barnhart
Scott Decker
William G. Diehl
Catherine Dunlay, Esq., Chair
David Eagin
Megan Faust, Esq.
Richard J. Frenchie, MBA, FACHE
Dennis Mowrey, Treasurer
Edith H. Nixon,
Vivek Sahai, MD
Kirsten Smith, Vice Chair
Terence W. Starz, MD
Linda A. Striefsky, Esq., Secretary
Kathryn Torok, MD
C. Michael Whittaker, CPA
Edward L. Vey
Christopher Smith, CEO, Ex Officio

Northeastern Ohio Board

Chair: Mark I. Froimson, MD, MBA
Senior Vice Chair:
Glade T. Pauley, MA, ATC 

Vice Chairs:
Donna T. Casey, RN, MBA   
Richard J. Frenchie, MBA, FACHE
Chris R. Lynch, APR
Molly S. Walsh

Laura E. Ray, MA, MLS

Assistant Secretary: Carol Arbaczewski, PMP

Treasurer: David M. Andrews, CPA

Immediate Past Chair: Daniel P. Walsh, Jr.

Abby Goulder Abelson, MD  
Stephen O. Ashley
Carol Arbaczewski, PMP   
Stanley P. Ballou, MD   
Michael J. Bongers, CFP, CRPC   
Keith Busch   
Steven A. Carter, CPA   
Thomas G. Clevidence   
Brian Donley, MD   
Cynthia H. Dunn   
Megan Faust   
Steven J. Fitzgerald, MD
Raymond F. Hinch, Jr.   
Sean Humphreys
M. Elaine Husni, MD, MPH    
Bijal A. Jayakar, MD
Barbara D. Kallenbach   
Leonard D. Kichler
Matthew J. Kraay, MS, MD   
Audley M. Mackel, III, MD   
Eric A. Malkin
Daniel J. Mullinger   
Donald L. Novosel, Jr.   
Mark A. Phillips   
Jon J. Pinney   
Robert D. Saada   
Lou A. Serapiglia, MS   
Lee S. Shepard, MD   
Nora G. Singer, MD   
David Sobochan, CPA   
Rolland B. Standish, CPA   
Linda A. Striefsky   
Rebecca S. Talley
Daniel J. Taylor   
Joseph Velkos, CPA   
Margie Wilbur

We are making a difference in the lives of people with arthritis in Northeastern Ohio. Learn more about Board and Committee opportunities to utilize your skills and fulfill your desire to serve. Contact Darby B. Schwarz, Division Vice President, for more information at

Southern Ohio Board of Advisors

Victor DiPilla, Chair
Tony Scalia, Vice Chair
Kendra Broderick, RN, BSN, CMR
Ken Byers
Matthew  DiPaola, MD
Philip Fleshour
Kimberly Herrmann
Mayro Kanning
Heather Kopf
T. Toan Le, MD
Suresh Nayak, MD, FACS
Carol Serrone
Michelle T. Simpson
Paul Sturkey
Janalee Taylor, RN, MSN, CPNP
Sandra Willen
Mary F. Winkel, RN, MS


George P. Balz, MD
Richard A. Freiberg, MD
Evelyn V. Hess, MD
J. Lawrence Houk, MD
Joseph E. Levinson, MD
William J. Mulvihill
David H. Neustadt, MD

Richard D. Siegel, Esq.
Legal Counsel

Click here to meet our Southern Ohio Board of Advisors and learn what makes them passionate about helping kids and adults with arthritis.


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