2014 JA Family Days

This year, the Arthritis Foundation will host several Juvenile Arthritis (JA) Family Day activities in communities across the South Central Region.  Our goal is to provide support for JA Families by connecting them with services, resources, and each other. We will offer gatherings just for parents and sessions for the entire family. Through our ongoing JA activities we will create a JA Family support network that spans the entire region, which covers Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico.


Are you ready for the next JA Family Days? We have a number of new families to welcome and there were some of you that we missed meeting in March! We hope all of you will join us at a JA Family Day close to you. These gatherings will be for the whole family! Parents can network with others while the kids join their friends in fun activities.



Dallas/Fort Worth - June 28
San Antonio - June 28
Austin- June 29
Houston - June 29

Tulsa - June 28
Oklahoma City - June 29

Albuquerque - June 28


Thank you to the United Way for your support!

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