Thank you for your interest in offering programs designed to help people take control of their arthritis.  Whether you’re a current program leader or partner facility or just looking for more information on becoming one of the 300 leaders/100 sites already established, here’s where you’ll find the information on how to get involved as a leader, instructor, trainer or partner site. 


Get Involved As A Partner Site


The Arthritis Foundation Life Improvement Series programs - Arthritis Foundation Aquatic Program, Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program, and Arthritis Foundation Self Help Program -are proven to decrease the pain and limitations of arthritis.  We also offer the Arthritis Foundation Tai Chi Program. This is a joint-safe program which has been shown to improve pain, stiffness, flexibility, strength and balance for those with mild to moderate arthritis. Developed by Dr. Paul Lam, the program contains agile steps and range of motion exercises and its movements utilize higher stances.



Get Involved As A Leader, Instructor or Trainer


Become a leader or instructor to plan and lead quality Arthritis Foundation classes for people with arthritis. Review the position descriptions from more information. 

Aquatic | Exercise | Self-Help | Tai Chi


Become a Trainer to conduct training workshops to prepare individuals to be Arthritis Foundation leaders and instructors. Review the position descriptions from more information. 

Aquatic | Exercise | Self-Help


Get trained to teach a class. Meet minimum yearly teaching and reporting requirements to become or remain certified, then renew your certification every three years.  

Leader Application | Statement of Understanding


Application for certification
Arthritis Foundation Program Certification





Marketing Materials

Customizable marketing materials are available to promote your classes. Brochures, ads, and flyers are available for each program. To request these materials, contact Helen Crilley at 856-673-1360.
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Leader Job Board

At the present time there is a need for exercise and/or aquatic leaders at the Bayonne, New Jersey JCC. The contact at that facility is Dr. Ellen Goldberg. If you are interested she can be reached at 201-436-6900.



Announcements, Special Events, and Other Opportunities:

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Get More Information


Peggy Lotkowictz 856-673-1365 or
Vice President, Mission Delivery 

For information about programs in other states within the Northeast Region:

Eastern Pennsylvania Chapter, Philadelphia, PA
Danielle M. Stephens, Director of Programs
(215) 574-3060 ext. 4724 or

New York:

NY Chapter, New York, NY
Kate Anastasia, Senior Director, Programs
(212) 984-8710 or

Long Island Chapter, Melville, LI
Peggy Lotkowictz , Vice President, Mission Delivery
856-673-1365 or

Northeastern New York Chapter, Albany, NY
Peggy Lotkowictz , Vice President, Mission Delivery
856-673-1365 or

Upstate New York chapter, Rochester, NY
Melinda A. Merante, Executive Director
(585) 264-1480 or

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