Programs for Better Living

Benefits to You

The Exercise Program will help you:

  • Keep joints flexible and muscles strong
  • Sleep better
  • Increase energy
  • Improve your overall outlook

Experience the Exercise Program

The Exercise Program can be experienced in a class setting or on your own at home:

Exercise Classes – Led by a certified instructor, the classes may be taken either standing or sitting. The simple routines are easy to replicate at home. Classes meet for one hour, two to three times per week for eight weeks and are designed to be relaxing and enjoyable.

Take Control With Exercise DVD – This upbeat 60-minute fitness DVD provides a balanced exercise routine based on the Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program and includes:

  • Two optional endurance routines to create a more challenging workout
  • A relaxing guided imagery segment to help you manage stress

Proven Results

Developed by the Arthritis Foundation, the Exercise Program uses movements created by physical therapists that address pain and fatigue while increasing strength. Studies show individuals attending the classes have experienced:

  • Less pain
  • More confidence in their ability to continue activities
  • Increased social activity
  • Fewer doctor and emergency room visits
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