As a service for you, the Arthritis Foundation, Southeast Region makes this list available to help you seek the assistance of a doctor specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of arthritis and related diseases. 

The physicians included in this list have advised us that they are licensed under state law and satisfy our established criteria in order to be listed.  We are not able to evaluate the professional qualifications and competence of individual physicians included on this list, and this should not be a representation by the Arthritis Foundation, Southeast Region concerning that physician’s competence or qualifications.

Dr. Kevin Asa, M.D.RheumatologistTupeloMS
Chris H Benson, M.D.RheumatologistHattiesburgMS
Imad Bitar, M.D.RheumatologistHattiesburgMS
R. Deaver Collins, Jr., M.D.RheumatologistJacksonMS
Richard D deShazo, M.D.RheumatologistJacksonMS
Kirk Eddleman, M.D.RheumatologistOxfordMS
Alan R Erickson, M.D.RheumatologistTupeloMS
Juan Garza, M.D.RheumatologistKeesler AFBMS
Kenneth J Hardy, M.D., Ph.D., FACP, FACRRheumatologistJacksonMS
Portia Harris, M.D.RheumatologistHattiesburgMS
James K Hensarling, M.D.RheumatologistJacksonMS
George A Housley, M.D.RheumatologistTupeloMS
John C Huntwork, M.D.RheumatologistPascagoulaMS
Dedri Ivory, M.D.RheumatologistVicksburgMS
Dannette Johnson, D.O.RheumatologistJacksonMS
Shabana C Karim, M.D. RheumatologistGreenvilleMS
Charles M King, II, M.D.RheumatologistTupeloMS
Vikas Majithia, M.D.RheumatologistJacksonMS
Leslie McCasland, M.D.RheumatologistTupeloMS
Robert W McMurray, Jr., M.D.RheumatologistJacksonMS
Taraneh Mehrani, M.D.RheumatologistJacksonMS
Nirupa Mohandas, M.D.RheumatologistJacksonMS
Ann Myers, M.D.RheumatologistJacksonMS
Heather North, M.D.RheumatologistOcean SpringsMS
Linda I Ray, M.D.RheumatologistJacksonMS
Linda Rockhold, M.D.RheumatologistJacksonMS
Suzanne Sanders, M.D.RheumatologistJacksonMS
Neal I Shparago, D.O., FACP, FACRRheumatologistJacksonMS
Suthin Songcharoen, M.D., FACP, FACRRheumatologistFlowoodMS
Ella Webster, M.D.RheumatologistMadisonMS
David I Weiss M.D.RheumatologistHattiesburgMS
James Wilson, M.D.RheumatologistJacksonMS
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