2013 Arthritis Walks- Great Lakes Region

Join the Arthritis Foundation’s annual Arthritis Walk, a signature event hosted in cities across our region. Walks honor children and adults with arthritis as we fight to end this serious, debilitating and unacceptable disease. Check out this year’s Arthritis Walk honorees – the Faces of Arthritis - and follow the links for more information about walks near you:



Lexington: For more information about the Lexington Walk, click here.

Louisville: For more information about the Louisville Walk, click here.



Detroit: Hannah Moleski was diagnosed with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA) at age three. To learn more about Hannah’s story and the Detroit Walk, click here.

Flint: Fiona Caughey was diagnosed with JIA just after her 11th birthday. To learn more about Fiona’s story and the Flint Walk, click here.

Grand Rapids: Rylie Innes was in the fifth grade when she was diagnosed with JIA. To learn more about Rylie’s story and the Grand Rapids Walk, click here.

Traverse City: Kami Chapp was diagnosed with JIA just after she turned two-years-old. To learn more about Kami’s story and the Traverse City Walk, click here.

Riverview: To learn more about the Walk in Riverview, click here.



Central Ohio: Brennan Dameron was diagnosed with Juvenile Arthritis (JA) at age three. To learn more about Brennan’s story and the Columbus Walk, click here.

Cincinnati: Hannah Weas was diagnosed with JIA at age five, and Aaron Clippinger was diagnosed when he was 10. Learn more about Hannah’s and Aaron’s stories and the Cincinnati Walk, click here.

Cleveland: Ella Snyder was diagnosed with arthritis just before her second birthday. To learn more about Ella’s story and the Cleveland Walk, click here.

Dayton: Kaylah Keyer was diagnosed with arthritis when she was just a year old, and six-year-old Mia Silcott has JIA. For more information about Kaylah’s and Mia’s stories and the Dayton Walk, click here.



Johnstown: For more information about the Johnstown Walk, click here.

Hershey: For more information about the Hershey Walk, click here.

Pittsburgh: Honorees Sean Mikula and Avery Polinsky were both diagnosed with JA at age two. For more about them and the Pittsburgh Walk, click here.

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