Our volunteers work hard for you and we want to let you get to know them! Take a few minutes and join us in celebrating the time and effort our volunteers put in at the Arthritis Foundation!


Meet Roger Carr!    

Beyond his personal connection to arthritis through his lovely wife, Kimberly, Roger has been a diligent, creative, and bold advocate for individuals with arthritis.

His passion began locally in Fredericksburg, Virginia and has spread throughout his home state and now reaches our entire region. Since 2004, Roger has chaired or lead at countless Arthritis Foundation events, including several walks, fundraising breakfasts, local educational events, and health expos. His most recent personal contribution was as a guest speaker at an educational event in a new AF market.

Roger is the first to sign-onto a project and genuinely encourages people to be part of our mission. His number one passion is families. Roger participates regularly in our programs directed at families dealing with arthritis. He was even a volunteer at this year’s national JA Conference.

Roger served on a task force which is developed a 3-year volunteer plan redesigned and redefined the volunteer experience. It has already paid dividends in surfacing individuals to serve as future leaders of the organization. At the two Arthritis Walks he chaired in 2006 and 2010, Roger made sure that all aspects of the organization were present and available to participants instructing his team to provide as much information as possible about advocacy, policy, mission, education, and other fundraising opportunities.

As a member of the Virginia Leadership Council, Roger serves as a regular advisor to the Regional Board and staff on matters of importance to Virginia. This advice has led to the formation of an annual Advocacy Day in his state. This year we will tackle issues, such as Specialty Tiers and Pre-Authorization, anything that will help individuals with arthritis. Roger and his family have historically sponsored or participated in the national advocacy effort, by attending the annual summit as well as responding to e-advocacy alerts. Roger’s event in 2010 was the first to employ mobile technology in signing up individuals to be e-advocates and ambassadors. This trend has spread to our other events.

Roger left a lucrative engineer career, because he wanted something more from life. He entered into a Masters course at a local university to study public administration. He began a website and a movement on his own to encourage people to learn the joy of giving. Roger continues to push his community and his network through this endeavor to understand and connect with the Arthritis Foundation and with people suffering from arthritis.

Roger is a coach at heart he pushes staff and volunteers alike to be better. He is gracious but firm in his responsibility to lead our organization. He has been asked to serve as Chair of the Virginia Leadership Council, which will add to his roster of accomplishments, which includes service this year past on the Regional Development Committee. There is no doubt that Roger’s future with the AF will grow to our great benefit.

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