Steve Evangelista



As we wind down the calendar year and prepare for Thanksgiving and the holidays, it gives us time to reflect on the true meaning of giving and the gratefulness for the volunteers that are the backbone and life blood of the Arthritis Foundation.

When we first embarked on 2013, we looked at a schedule of walks, golf tournaments, dinners and galas, Jingle Bell Runs and patient and professional symposia throughout New England.  We tried to harness all of these activities so we could address the prevention, control and cure of Arthritis and related diseases.  The staff and volunteer worked tirelessly to achieve our goals and based upon their success began to plan for 2014.

The New England Region, like the other 9 regions that comprise the Arthritis Foundation’s membership, has had it challenges in achieving some of the goals we set for ourselves but continue to pursue the mission in the areas of research, public health and public policy. These three areas are our focus and while we continue to gain strength in all three tenets, we also need to recognize that funding is critical if we are ever going to find a cure for this debilitating disease. 

We have been blessed with very engaged volunteers that continue support the organization at all levels.  These volunteers serve on various committees, leadership councils and the regional board.  Without their support, we could never achieve the goals that we set for ourselves.  For all of you, we are most thankful and appreciative.

As we look to 2014, there are four priorities that we need to address. 

  1. We need to look at the big picture and vision.  Focus on alignment and structure.
  2. Revisiting the Mission Delivery Component and our community based programs
  3. Fundraising and developing immediate corporate development and support
  4. Volunteer engagement, where we enlist more volunteers at every level.

These four critical priorities will provide the foundation with a stronger based from which to work and foster some critical thinking on how we can get to the next level in the voluntary health arena.

We are thankful for all your efforts throughout the year, look forward to ending 2013 on a very positive note and beginning 2014 with a strong base.


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