RA & You

If you’re newly diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis (RA), you’re sure to have many questions about what life with this disease will be like.

RA & You, a special publication from the editors of the Arthritis Foundation aims to address your concerns.

In these pages you’ll learn about rheumatoid arthritis from how it strikes, and why to how you can manage it – and your life effectively. In this issue, you’ll also find:

  • Must-know facts on RA and its effect on the body

  • The latest on treatments and alternative therapies

  • Tips to make daily life easier

  • Stories about people just like you who are living with RA

Created with exclusive support from Bristol-Myers Squibb, all content in RA & You was developed independently by the experts you trust at the Arthritis Foundation.

Here are the some helpful links to use as additional resources:

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