The Need is Great….the Need is Now.


Please Help Children Right Here in Kentucky.


There are 300,000 children between 18 months and 18 years living with a form of juvenile arthritis, with nearly 4,000 kids affected right here in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. There are more children living with juvenile arthritis (JA) than muscular dystrophy, cystic fibrosis, and juvenile diabetes…combined. It is the most common chronic disease that affects kids.

Your gift this season can be part of changing lives and giving back a childhood without daily pain. The Arthritis Foundation Kentucky Branch provides programs and services that help children and their families cope with a startling diagnosis of juvenile arthritis. We need your help!

McEwen, age 14
Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and uveitis, since age 2

Local Support for Local Services

Children with JA and their families depend on Arthritis Foundation programs that help kids connect to others living with the same challenges. Whether it’s family scholarships to our national Juvenile Arthritis Conference or Fall Family Camp or a special Supporting Arthritis Kids (SAK) backpack, your year-end gift can help kids connect and learn more about managing their disease.



Colton, age 13
Poliarticular juvenile arthritis, since age 5 

The Leader in Research

The Arthritis Foundation is the largest, private funder of arthritis research in the world, contributing nearly $450 million since 1948. Your gift in Kentucky today will support local research at Ohio and Kentucky hospitals and also become part of our national research program. We currently support 128 researchers at centers of excellence across the U.S.




Bailee, age 6
Polyarticular juvenile arthritis, since 18 months

The Need is Great

A diagnosis of juvenile arthritis is devastating and destructive. Children experience chronic and damaging joint pain and inflammation, as well as possible problems in other vital organs like the eyes, lungs, and heart. Living with JA means daily pain, often fatigue and treatment that can be difficult and very costly to families.

Your gift today can help kids like McEwen, Bailee and Colton….and change lives for thousands of others in Kentucky. We hope we can count on you- your support means so much to so many.

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