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The Benefits of Keeping a Personal Health Care Record

Being diagnosed with a chronic disease like a type of arthritis, lupus, or fibromyalgia can be overwhelming.  You might wonder what type of treatment program is the best for you, what medication you should be taking, or how to better understand your symptoms. 
Advocating for yourself is one of the most important parts of taking control of your health.  Only you know what goes on in your body day to day, and only you can follow your management program.  Just as you rely on your healthcare team to examine and treat you, they rely on you to tell them how you are feeling. 

The Arthritis Foundation offers a health organizer which is a journal that provides a clear system for organizing all of your health information.   Each section is designed to help you track specific information such as diagnosis, medications, surgeries and daily progress. 

Keeping a health organizer can:

  • Improve your confidence in working with your healthcare team
  • Give you a better understanding of your condition
  • Allow you to note the effectiveness of treatments and your progress in managing your health
  • Aid you in following your treatment program so you get the greatest benefit from it
  • Give you a sense of control and help you make informed decisions about your care
  • Keep you focused on your concerns during difficult discussions with your doctor
  • Remind you of questions and concerns to bring up with your health care providers
  • Help you assist your doctor in evaluating problems early 

Communication is necessary for good health care.  Knowledge is power and the more you are an advocate for yourself, the more control you will feel over your condition.  Take charge of your health!  Contact 800-283-7800 for your copy of the Arthritis Foundation Health Organizer. 

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