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Cameron Young
Cameron Young and McEwen Baker are two kids who have a lot in common. They both must travel great distances to see their doctors, they hate shots and they both wish more than anything that there was a cure for their arthritis. There are currently 4,000 children living with some form of juvenile arthritis in Kentucky. Diagnosed at the age of 2, McEwen has had to battle Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis accompanied by severe Uveitis in both eyes. Cameron was only 8 years old when he received his diagnosis of Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis – Psoriatic.

Both children have had to spend countless hours traveling to receive treatment for their JA, a process that is both exhausting and often times unpredictable. Weekly shots, multiple knee injections and 12 surgeries for her Uveitis keeps McEwen on her toes. Juvenile Arthritis is frequently a misunderstood disease which can be challenging for both parents and child. Many times Cameron looks “normal” and it’s difficult for others to understand why he requires rest and pain medication during physical activities.

McEwen Baker
While the disease comes with overwhelming challenges, both children are extremely positive and compassionate. McEwen is quick to point out that despite her illness and the many challenges she has had to face, there are children who are much worse off than she is. “There are other kids who are much sicker than me out there,” says McEwen. “I realize that and I am thankful that I can wake up tomorrow and be happy for the day.”

Cameron has always been kind and loving, but since his diagnosis, his compassion towards others who are hurting or ill is heartwarming. For Cameron, being an honoree at the Lexington Arthritis Walk means awareness.  “I want people to know that not only old people get arthritis and that arthritis is NOT acceptable,” says Cameron.  “They need to realize that we need a cure!”

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