Surgery is rarely used to treat juvenile arthritis in the early course of the disease.  However, surgery can be used to relieve pain, correct a leg length discrepency, straighten out a bent or deformed joint, or replace a damaged joint.

In joint replacement surgery, the entire joint is replaced with an artificial joint.  This procedure is used mainly in teenagers whose growth is complete. The most common reason for joint replacement is severe pain in a badly damaged joint. The most commonly replaced joints are hips and knees.  When used in the right situation, joint replacement surgery can reduce pain and improve function a lot.

Soft-tissue release may help improve the position of a joint that has been pulled out of line.  For this surgery, the surgeon cuts and repairs the tight tissues that cause the contracture.  This lets the joint to return to a more normal position.

Fusion surgery is used when the joint becomes so severely damaged that pain relief or ability to move cannot happen with other treatments.  Fusion is when the surgeon permanently fixes the joint in a position.  This ends movement that contributes to pain or could cause injury.

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