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Patient Education Materials

You are one of the primary sources of information for your patients, so make sure your office is stocked with plenty of educational materials.  View our complete list and order in bulk.

Family-Centered Care

Family-centered care is an approach to the planning, delivery, and evaluation of health care whose cornerstone is active participation between families and professionals. Family-centered care recognizes that families are the ultimate decision makers for their children, with children gradually taking on more and more of this decision-making themselves.

When care is family-centered, services not only meet the physical, emotional, developmental, and social needs of children, but also support the family’s relationship with the child’s health care providers and recognize the family’s customs and values. More on family-centered care


The Arthritis Foundation has been a driving force for the initiation of juvenile arthritis research projects in the United States.  It has invested $10.9 million in juvenile arthritis grants and contracts between 1997 and 2006.  Between 2002 and 2009 the Arthritis Foundation will have invested another $1.4 million to help the Children’s Arthritis and Rheumatology Research Alliance (CARRA) foster, facilitate, and conduct high quality clinical research in the field of pediatric rheumatology.  The JA Alliance will work to increase the investment in research for juvenile arthritis by developing a dedicated program of $2 million or more dollars yearly; and lobby for increased dollars for juvenile arthritis research spent by the National Institutes of Health and other Federal research granting agencies.  The JA Alliance  will facilitate and enhance juvenile arthritis research partnerships between the Arthritis Foundation and CARRA, the National Institutes of Health , the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and American College of Rheumatologists.

The Arthritis Foundation also publishes, Research Update, a bi-monthly newsletter that provides the latest advances by Arthritis Foundation-funded researchers, highlights our grant program and profiles funded researchers.  Juvenile arthritis-specific articles are available online.

Cover the Uninsured Campaign

Let's make sure that no child is left behind or uninsured this school year.  The Covering Kids and Families Back-to-School Campaign takes place every August and September to let parents know that low-cost or free health care coverage is available for their children.  There are programs available in every state and the District of Columbia.  Find out how you can help get the word out.

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