Pre-Visit Prep

Here are some tips to ensure you and your child get the most from your doctor's visit.

  • If you child is an existing patient, consider having routine blood tests or other diagnostic tests done before the appointment.  This way, the doctor can discuss the results with you and your child during your visit.

  • Write down everything you and your child want to ask or tell the doctor.  If your child is old enough, encourage him or her to keep a symptoms diary or journal.  Time may not allow you to discuss everything with your doctor, so highlight the three most important concerns.

  • Prepare a brief progress report.  The doctor may ask your child: Have you been following your treatment plan?  What has been happening in your life? Jot down answers to these kinds of questions ahead of time.

  • Know the names and dosages of all medicines you child is taking, including prescription and over-the-counter drugs.  If you child is taking several medications, bring his or her pill bottles.  This is especially important if your child is under the care of more than one doctor.

  • If your child is seeing the doctor on a return visit, make a list of any medication refills needed.  Be prepared  to discuss any medications that are not helping or that are causing side effects.


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