AgrAbility Project helps with Gardening tips

Amber Wolfe, AgrAbility Project Coordinator, Arthritis Foundation and co host Tracy Forner talks about one of America’s most popular hobbies. read more


Arthritis affects approximately one-third of all adult farm and ranch operators and is considered one of the leading causes of disability by customers of the USDA AgrAbility Project. With the average age of the American farmer climbing above 57, increasingly more farmers will find tasks difficult to complete. Many agricultural workers do not know they may be at risk of developing arthritis.

The Arthritis Foundation, Indiana Chapter is committed to being involved as a four-year nonprofit, disability related partner supporting the mission of the USDA National AgrAbility Project. Our goal is to provide education and support of agricultural professionals and their families who have been affected by arthritis so that a farmer, rancher, or farm worker may continue to live a productive life in agriculture.

AgrAbility is a USDA-sponsored program that assists farmers, ranchers, other agricultural workers, and family members impacted by disability. 

AgrAbility consists of the National AgrAbility Project (NAP) and the State/Regional AgrAbility Projects (SRAP's).  Both the NAP and the SRAP's must be partnerships between a land grant university and at least one non-profit disability organization.  The Arthritis Foundation, Indiana Chapter is a funded non-profit partner in the National AgrAbility Project as well as the Indiana AgrAbilty project, allowing for a portion of the projects to be focused on arthritis as a disability in agriculture. 



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