A to Z Action Zone

Take Action NowLet your elected representatives know that conquering arthritis is important to you!
May 2: BELONG! 
Take Action NowYou or a loved one who lives with arthritis will benefit by becoming a member of the Arthritis Foundation!
May 3: CONNECT! 
Take Action NowConnect with others to discuss the seriousness of arthritis via Facebook, Twitter and our Community

Arthritis Online Community Facebook Twitter
May 4: DONATE! 
Take Action NowYour gift to the Arthritis Foundation fuels life-changing research, education and more!
May 5: ENABLE! 
Take Action NowCheck out Ease-of-Use products that can enable you to make everyday life easier! 
Take Action NowCalculate potential joint pain based on your local weather forecast!
May 7: GO!
Take Action NowGet moving to raise awareness and funds for arthritis at an Arthritis Walk near you! 
May 8: HONOR!
Take Action NowPay tribute to the life of a friend or loved one by supporting the Arthritis Foundation in their name! 
May 9: INFORM!
Take Action NowLearn about the far-reaching scope of arthritis with our eye-opening INFOGRAPHIC!
May 10: JOIN!
Take Action NowJoin us this July for the Arthritis Foundation's annual Juvenile Arthritis Conference! Also check out our website created just for kids!
May 11: KNOW!
Take Action NowKnow how to fight arthritis pain!
May 12: LAUGH!
Take Action NowSee the Three Stooges speak out about arthritis in this historic TV ad
May 13: MANAGE!
Take Action NowManage your arthritis with TRACK + REACT, the online self-management tool! 
Take Action NowNavigate your way to better health with our Movement Tracker and other tools! 
May 15: OBTAIN! 
Take Action NowObtain knowledge and power by browsing through our many resources for living better with arthritis! 
Take Action NowMix and mingle with others who care about arthritis online and in real time! Join our Facebook Chat about osteoarthritis, 1-2pm ET on May 16!

Arthritis Online Community Facebook Twitter
May 17: QUESTION! 
Take Action NowLooking for answers to questions you have about arthritis?  Visit our Disease Center!
May 18: REGISTER! 
Take Action NowAdvance arthritis research by being part of the Arthritis Internet Registry!
May 19: SHOW! 
Take Action NowShow the president why arthritis needs to be a national priority! 
May 20: TELL! 
Take Action NowTell the world why the pain and limitations of arthritis are unacceptable!
Take Action NowUnderstand what the Arthritis Foundation is doing to search for better treatments and cures!  Read our latest Research Update. Sign up for future Research Updates. 
May 22: VOW! 
Take Action NowMay 22 is Gout Awareness Day.  Vow to learn more about this type of arthritis that affects an estimated 8 million Americans! Visit www.tacklegout.org
May 23: WALK! 
Take Action Now Try "Walk With Ease," one of our several fitness programs for better living with arthritis!
May 24: XCHANGE! 
Take Action NowExchange your tips for dealing with arthritis through our Tip Share app!
May 25: YEARN! 
Take Action NowYearning to learn more about arthritis?  Sign up for our e-newsletters and other arthritis management resources!
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May 26: ZOOM-IN!
Take Action NowUpload your picture to show how you've taken action to change the course of arthritis!
May 27: FACT #1
Take Action NowDid you know that Arthritis is the #1 cause of disability in the U.S.?  Learn the top 10 facts about arthritis
May 28: FACT #2
Take Action NowDid you know there are 2.5 times as many women as there are men with RA?
May 29: FACT #3
Take Action NowDid you know that 300,000 children are affected by arthritis, and that it's one of the most common childhood diseases in the U.S.?
May 30: FACT #4
Take Action NowDid you know that for every one pound of weight lost, that's FOUR pounds of pressure off each knee?
May 31: FACT #5
Take Action NowDid you know that 1 in 5 people in the U.S. is affected by some form of arthritis?
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