JA Scholarships

Heading off to college can be an awfully stressful time in your life. Not only must you find the right school, but things get even more stressful trying to find the money to pay for it. Financial aid – be it grants, loans or work-study programs – is available through federal and state programs or individual schools. But one of the first things you should consider is applying for scholarships.  After all, it’s FREE MONEY! 

There are many different qualities that can make you eligible for a scholarship – your race, your gender, your course of study. The list goes on and on. One thing that makes you uniquely qualified for some scholarships is the fact that you have arthritis or a related disease.  Although there aren’t many scholarships specifically for kids with arthritis, there are quite a few for students with disabilities in general. Also, once you’ve narrowed down your search for schools, be sure to look into specific scholarships offered by the colleges themselves. What ever you do, don’t give up.  There is money out there for you.

Check out the following list to see if any of these scholarships sound right for you.

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