Talking With Your Doctor

An important part of living with gout is understanding it. Your doctor can work with you to develop the best management plan that incorporates lifestyle changes and medication to help lower high uric acid, as well as strategies and medication to deal with the immediate pain of a gout attack. 

You may want to consider taking this list of questions with you to your next doctor's appointment. Thinking about questions ahead of time can help you get the conversation started.

  1. Are the medications I'm taking increasing my risk of gout attacks?
  2. Are there medications that can help lower my uric acid levels?
  3. Might the new medication you prescribe cause any side effects or interact with medications I'm already taking?
  4. Which foods and drinks should I minimize or eliminate and which should I eat more of?
  5. Would weight loss help me manage my gout? If so, can you recommend some ways for me to lose weight?
  6. What other lifestyle changes should I make to minimize risk of attacks and future joint damage?
  7. What strategies can I use at home to cope with an attack?
  8. Should I make an appointment to see you if I have an attack?
  9. How often should my uric acid levels be tested?

You can use the Gout Attack Tracker to prepare for the appointment with your doctor.

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