How You Can Help

No one wants to see a friend or family member have to deal with something like gout. Gout is a chronic disease that can interfere with everyday activities, including work and family events. But there are ways you can help.

Here are some things you can do:

  • Research the Disease. The first step in helping someone with gout is understanding it. Learn more about gout here.
  • Keep a Health Diary or Log. Since your loved one may be in pain, this is something simple you can do to help. Keep track of doctor's visits, medications and gout attacks. You can also add other relevant information like diet details.
  • Be an Extra Set of Ears. Going to the doctor can be overwhelming. There are lots of questions to ask and information to absorb. Volunteer to go to the doctor with your loved one, and while you're there, listen carefully. You may even want to take notes.
  • Understand the Signs and Symptoms of a Gout Attack. Know ahead of time what you can do to help. For more information about managing gout and treating an attack, click here.
  • Educate Other Family Members. The more support and help your loved one has, the better.
  • Promote Lifestyle Changes. Gout management plans often include lifestyle changes. Work together with your loved one to maintain a healthy diet and get regular exercise by finding activities you both enjoy.

This site has many of the tools and resources you need as the loved one of someone living with gout. Familiarize yourself with it so you can be as supportive as possible.

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