Joints in Motion, the Arthritis Foundation’s athletic training program, can help you complete a marathon or half marathon while at the same time raise funds to find a cure for arthritis, our nation’s most common cause of disability. Whether you’re a first-time walker, a seasoned marathoner or somewhere in between our program is designed to guide people of all ages and fitness levels to crossing the finish line! Our experienced coaches will train you to run or walk a marathon, half marathon or both and together we will help improve the quality of life for 50 million adults and 300,000 children who live daily with some form of arthritis.

Come join us for a Journey of a Lifetime

Virtual Joints in Motion

Virtual Joints in Motion is an exciting training program available throughout the U.S. It is designed to bring all Joints in Motion benefits to people who do not live near an active program. Join us to train and raise funds online through our Virtual Joints in Motion. Learn more


Walt Disney World® is one of the world’s most attractive and exciting destinations. Once you reach your fundraising goal, we provide you the opportunity to participate in the 2015 Walt Disney World® Marathon Weekend held January 10th and 11th in Orlando, Florida.
Complete the half marathon which takes place on Saturday Jan. 10th and receive your Donald Duck finisher medal! Complete the marathon which takes place on Sunday Jan. 11th and receive your Mickey Mouse finisher medal. Some athletes are taking the ultimate challenge and running both events. Those individuals who complete both the half marathon and the full marathon will receive the exclusive 10th Anniversary Goofy medal to celebrate their accomplishment!

Ready to join us for a Journey of a Lifetime?


Every step counts every dollar matters! Each athlete commits to raising funds to support the Arthritis Foundation’s mission to improve lives through leadership in the prevention, control and cure of arthritis and related diseases. Once you join our team, you will be provided with your very own webpage where you can promote your training and fundraising progress and also accept secure online donations.

Honor Someone You Love

Each athlete is encouraged to run or walk in honor or in memory of someone with arthritis. This can either be someone with whom they have a personal relationship, a family member, friend, co-worker or we can introduce you to a local honoree. One in five adults plus 300,000 children have arthritis, so chances are you already know someone who is affected. Knowing someone with arthritis will personally give you more incentive to complete the training and assist potential donors to understand how their gift matters.

We have 50 million reasons why every step counts and every dollar matters!

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