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Margo Deihl Interview

Margo Deihl began to show symptoms of juvenile arthritis at age 8 and was diagnosed at age 9 with scleroderma with an overlap of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. She has not let that diagnosis stop her from pursuing music-she plays the violin-or from being a college student. She is in her sophomore year. A few thoughts from Margo on how growing up with JA has shaped her.
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Play Football with Joe Montana

Joe Montana has teamed up with Joint Juice to create a new football app that helps support the Arthritis Foundation. Proceeds from the app will directly benefit the Arthritis Foundation’s great work on behalf of people with arthritis.
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Seamus Mullen Interview

Diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis six years ago at age 32, Chef Seamus Mullen has had to manage both a burgeoning career as a Chef, restaurant owner and cookbook author and a serious and physically debilitating disease. Here are some of his thoughts on being one of the 50 million faces of arthritis.
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