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Still's Disease

What is it?

Arthritis is a complex family of musculoskeletal disorders consisting of more than 100 different diseases or conditions that destroy joints, bones, muscles, cartilage and other connective tissues, hampering or halting physical movement. Adult Still’s disease is a disorder that has characteristics similar to those of the systemic-onset variation of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, except that it occurs in adults. Its symptoms include a high fever that spikes in the evening, a rash that accompanies the fever spike, muscle aches and joint pain. The disease can go into remission, or it may lead to chronic arthritis.

What are the effects?

Symptoms of adult Still’s disease are similar to those of systemic juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and include

  • Fever
  • Sore throat
  • Rash
  • Arthralgia and arthritis: Joint aches, pain and inflammation may affect a few joints at first, but may evolve to include several joints. The most commonly affected joints are the knee and wrist. The ankles, shoulders, elbows and finger joints may also be involved.
  • Myalgia: Severe muscle aches are a common symptom.
  • Swollen glands
How is it diagnosed?

To diagnose adult Still’s disease, your doctor will review your symptoms and medical history and perform a physical exam. He or she may also conduct laboratory tests and take x-rays.

What are the treatment options?

Patients in an early acute stage of Still’s Disease may be given nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or corticosteroids.

What resources are available?

The Arthritis Foundation leads the way in helping people with arthritis live better today and create better tomorrows through new treatments, better access and, ultimately, cures. We do this by:

  • Funding life-changing research that has restored mobility in patients for more than six decades
  • Fighting for health care policies that improve the lives of the millions of Americans with arthritis
  • Partnering with families to provide empowering programs and information

 If you are diagnosed with Still's Disease, some Arthritis Foundation resources that may help you better manage and live with your disease are:

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