Great West Region

The Great West Region includes Alaska, Northern California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming. The merging of these Arthritis Foundation offices enhances our ability to deliver programs and services across our many communities.  

The impact, burden and prevalence of arthritis is unacceptable. In our Region, over 5 million adults and 30,000 children are affected by arthritis. Arthritis accounts for lost wages, hospitalizations, missed days from work or school, and nationwide over one million joint replacement surgeries per year. 


Great West Region map

The Arthritis Foundation, Great West Region’s goal is to create a stronger voice for awareness, education, research and advocacy for all those affected by arthritis. We will do this through a continuing commitment to education, research, public policy and other vital programs and services.

We hope you will add your voice to the chorus of supporters. Together, we can conquer this painful, debilitating disease and with your support we will reach our ultimate impact goal to reduce the number of people affected by arthritis-related physical activity limitations by twenty percent by 2030.

Find our local staff, office and volunteer leadership listings at the links to the left.

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